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How much does your flute weigh?


Below is a database consisting of the weight (in ounces) of 9 different headjoints and 34 different professional flute models from 14 different flute brands, representing a wide range of gold, silver, platinum and wooden flutes.  To find out the weight of a specific brand, please type the brand name in the search bar and scroll down by the search bar.  This will present you with a listing of the weighed flutes of this brand.  Once you find the flute you wish to learn more about, scroll to the far right column and click "view" for all details.  This search feature can also demonstrate the difference in weight between gold flutes of different brands, silver flutes, etc. by typing in the material you wish to compare in the search bar (i.e. "Gold", "Silver", etc.)

If you would like to try any of the flutes listed, click on the "view" column of the listing at the far right to determine which store the flute came from.  Once you have determined this information, contact either the Flute Center of New York or Flute Specialists, Inc. 


Special offer from the Flute Center of New York: Use code "LightenUp" for $50 off any order over $500, plus free shipping on your next flute trial! (Discount code may be applied to purchases of flutes or accessories, limit one use per customer.)

Special offer from Flute Specialists, Inc.: Mention “flute weight” and receive free shipping on your trial PLUS a cash back offer when you purchase

This video below demonstrates the difference in sound quality versus weight of a variety of flute models from different brands.  Use this video to  choose lightweight flute models with sound qualities that you enjoy and use the promo codes above to try these flutes yourself from Flute Specialists, Inc. and the Flute Center of New York!  Click on the YouTube description of the video for specific flute models and timings tested to help guide your search.

This project was created by Francesca Leo and Angela McCuiston.  


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